10 Pros and Cons of Using Link Submission Sites to Add URL to Search Engines

Link Submission Sites

Link Submission Sites

We present some pros and cons of using link submission sites to add your URL to various search engines:

Add URL to Search Engines


Through a link submission site, you can have a digital presence, regardless of whether you have a website, a blog or a product sale online.

In a web directory, you can highlight the description of the company or the service offered the name of the business, the logo, the address, and the telephone.

Many free web directories offer advertising and marketing services; these plans are usually more professional than taking care of advertising and marketing on your own.

Some services can offer are a priority in search results, banners featured on the cover, comments area, allow links to videos on YouTube, make publicity on blogs, among many other services.

Always prefer those web directories where you are allowed to access the control panel to make any changes to the advertisement.

In this way the update of your ad depends only on you, from there you can not only update information but also include promotions, change photos, among many other things that depend on the selected web directory and the plan you have acquired.

The advantage of using labels is that everything works as a parcel service to classify the shipments.

It helps that, some Internet providers, solve the problem of growing their infrastructure messily and can continue to offer dedicated links.

In some directories and depending on the type of plan selected, they allow you to add URL to search engines. This way all the visits that you have in your profile of the digital directory can become a very valuable client. When your visitors agree to fill out the form you can see their queries and requirements in their webmail. This way you have access to your data to send you future promotions and information that may be of interest to your client.


If the access to a page depends on the sending of data to the server using the post method, every time we want to return to this page we must send again the form data, and most browsers will warn this with a warning message to the user, who will not always understand what is happening.

If the user saves a page that received data by post in his favorites, when he uses that favorite, the data he sent the first time from a form will no longer be available and, therefore, the result he will obtain will no longer be the same (And will show the typical alert message).

As with a dedicated physical server, the web server requires knowledge to be able to configure and use it.

Shared servers are managed directly by the company that provides the service but in the case of dedicated web servers is the user who is in charge of it so you have to have people who know how to use it and configure it.

Although it ensures the confidentiality and privacy of the information, the fact that the link lives on the Internet makes it a likely target for hackers.

In addition, if the Internet connection fails or presents intermittences, the user also loses the link or experiences slowness in the service.

Another disadvantage of this link, depending on the Internet, is that it reduces the bandwidth used by your applications in the cloud.

It’s like a competition to see who has more attention to your network service.

Link Submission Sites

Some examples of sites that would allow link submissions are:

  • Web Directory Co
  • Piseries
  • Submissions 4U
  • Direct My Link
  • Synergy-Directory

These are websites that you can visit to observe this type of services by yourself. Consider it as an investment opportunity, as you can see, through them you can access many sites
you didn’t know!