A Professional Insight into Free SEO Submission vs. Paid Submission

SEO Submission

SEO Submission

This refers to the direct submission of an address of a website to a search engine.

It can be said to be a way of online marketing which assists a webmaster to maximize the ranking of single or multiple web pages.

SEO Submission

Why SEO Submission?

Submission of SEO is extremely significant for businesses.

This is due to the fact that the submission assists in obtaining the best search engines.

Since the work of different people is inclusive in the high-level directorate, submission assists the directorate to give people your website as a search result.

As a result, you may opt for doing the submission.

Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic is the vice versa of paid traffic and therefore explains the frequency of visits a website obtains after people search it using engines like Google or Bing.

It is the number of visits for your website when no referral was done by another site.

Submittable Search Engines that Accept Links

Search engines that accept links are many, actually more than 50 of them. Some of them are Google, Yahoo, Entireweb, Yandex, ExactSeek, GigaBlast, ASR, Amfibi, SimilarSites, Viesearch, HotvsNot, SonicRun and Bing among many others.

The link for submission is easily acceptable.

Pros and Cons of Free SEO Submission vs. Paid Submission

Under this part, we are going to have a comparison of free SEO and paid SEO submission by looking at the pros and cons of each aspect.

Basically, it should be at your fingertips that paid SEO is where one pays some fee for a good ranking in organic search.

Free SEO Submission

One advantage of making use of this submission is that no cost you will incur since it is free. The money for the payment can be used in another way different from SEO payment. If not so, you can save it as there is no cost to incur in free SEO submission.

Secondly, there will be an ROI improvement. When your site is finally registered, your return on free investment starts to improve.

Yes, free because you have not incurred the cost but you are enjoying the web presence benefit.

Conversely, you must be patient. Free submission sites are obviously crowded since they are free. This takes time for your link to be recognized and you may grow impatient.

In addition, all the optimization is left at the hands of an algorithm. No one knows how it works as it depends on how lucky you are. You are not guaranteed to be in the best rank.

Paid SEO Submission

The best thing with paid ranking is that that you will obtain high-quality backlinks that are good for your site. The backlinks are considered by all sites when ranking them.

Everyone is after a better ranking in the whole issue of paying for SEO submission. If everything goes as planned, expect to
reap big from traffic to your site.

On the other hand, if the paid submission does not yield results, you lose both money and time since you are not guaranteed traffic. This is detrimental to your business.

Submit to Search Engines

Finally, the paid SEO submission is costly. It starts somewhere between $300 and $2000 per month. Yes, it is that much that you will incur.

You have a glimpse of the tow ways of SEO submission now and can now decide on the best for you. Consider finances and time in making the decision.