How Cheap SEO Submits Your Links and URL to Google for Free

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Submit Link

Submitting a link to improve search ranking is a common practice for search professionals.

However, before we discuss how you should submit URL links to improve your search ranking or how the links help improve your business.

Let us start from the beginning by explaining what a search engine is and how it works.

Submit Link

A browser that enables search is known as a search engine.

It indexes millions of websites and then categorizes and ranks them on their decided parameters.

To rank the sites, one of the parameters they use is the number of sites that take reference from the ranking site and the merit of the references.

In another word, this is a link.

On a webpage, we often see words in different colors when we hover our mouse on them.

Also, we see a sign of indexing and on clicking, we are directed to another page, often to a different site altogether.

Why Links Happen

A link refers to a relevant discussion or a suggestion of a related product.

It can also refer to an additional source of data or information, or just plain sharing of wisdom.

Google and most other leading search engines value quality links as they use those to judge the merit of a site.

The more quality links are to a site, the better viewer experience it offers.

The equations are not that straightforward but you get the drift.

Why Do We Submit URL Or Links To Google?

Submitting links to Google in marketing terms is called indexing.

In the natural process, it takes some time for Google to reach a site and weigh its SEO value.

But if you submit website to Google, it prompts Google to index the site immediately.

And it is, in fact, indexed immediately.

There is an adverse sense attached to it.

Most practicing SEOs are reluctant to submit the link.

They rather wait for natural indexing.

Submit URL to Google for Free

Once asked, I got the answer that asking to index implies a sense of urgency.

Remember that if the page is a regular one and is not offering spectacular value to the viewer, Google takes it negatively.

So, do submit URL to Google only when you want it indexed immediately. Don’t make it a regular practice.

How To Build Links

Select a few quality content platforms in your niche.

It can be news sites, e-commerce with decent blog posts, or only a blog site.

Find the webmaster emails from their website details.

Approach them to mention your site for the particular segment you are planning to build a link or the products you are promoting.

You can also offer to write a quality blog on their blog page and build a link from there.

Remember in this process, URL submission is generally free.

Also remember most webmasters will not see sufficient value to respond. Select sites that are similar to your standing.

If you are a beginner, do not go for the industry-leading sites. Very rarely they will attend the emails.

Why Do You Need Online Link Submission Services?

They take the pain out of your work and the good thing is, most of them allow you to submit URL free.

Link building is a laborious, and often very frustrating.

Many beginners follow wrong leads and so after nurturing a lead for a month, they understand there is no prospect.

However, the submission services personnel are professionals.

They know whom to approach, what to discuss and you get really good links built through them.

Before you proceed, check their reputation.

Why Do We Build Links?

Links are still the lifeblood of search.

A quality link submitted to a reputed site takes the reference business to the top of their search rank.

However, submitting such links are very tough and takes a lot of pain to achieve. But this is the power of links.

And so whenever you are planning to submit URL, it is advisable to remember that quality matters.

With proper link strategy, a business can become a success overnight.