Pros and Cons of Free Versus Paid SEO Submission Services

Submission services offered by SEO companies

Guide to SEO submission services

Search Optimization Engine (SEO) is widely used nowadays. There are SEO professionals who are experts in the field. SEO submission services can either be free or paid.

Free SEO submission is commonly known as organic or natural. Both services have their own advantages and disadvantages.

They both have their upper hand and limitations. However, paid SEO submission services are way better than organic.

The importance of submitting URL online is to make your brand known. It becomes a marketing strategy for people with online businesses. Experts use both SEOs but the paid one outshines the free one

Free SEO Submission

When you need to market your webpage for the first time, this is the best. It will make your business to be known and it will be trusted.


  1. It is free
    You don’t have to pay monthly or daily charges to submit the URL. When people are searching for things online, the results will be shown. This way you can earn some money without paying for the service. More searches make you earn better.
  2. It can be relied on
    Free submission sites are trusted by many people as compared to the paid ones. Those with organic results get a good number of people clicking on the sites. You are then considered a reliable source of information and ranked higher.
  3. It can be used for long
    The organic search can be used for quite some time. In other cases when you search and find articles dated 2013, they can be used. This is because they are trustworthy and the information is still relevant. They are given the top positions they have good information beneficial to people.
  4. It is not effective in time and cost
    To get the best results, it will take some time. You cannot wake up one day and decide that it is time to submit my URL. It takes months to get the right content and be recognized. It will also take time to start earning.

Here is search engine submission sites list which is free.

The top ten free URL submission sites are

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yandex
  4. ASR
  5. ExactSeek
  6. GigaBlast
  7. SimilarSites
  8. SonicRun
  9. EntireWeb
  10. HotvsNo

Paid SEO Submission

Many SEO experts use this service because they know they will get traffic immediately. With one click, they receive their great earnings.


  1. Earning is fast
    The paid search allows professionals to get back the money they invested in a short time. If for example, you used $2,000 you can get back $10,000. You can be sure of some money at the end of it all
  2. Instant traffic
    You will not wait for months before your search is accessed. It happens immediately with many people around the globe on the internet. People search on a second basis.
  3. Target control
    You can be able to control your target audience. The people who see the information will make you earn hence it is up to you to control



Just like any business, paid search is competitive. There are many people with better content. They can outsmart you and you won’t earn.


Therefore, paid SEO submission is much better than free search. One can grow very fast in terms of earnings and expertise.