Pros And Cons Of Search Engine Submission And Web Directory Submission

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission

If you are thinking of establishing your presence online, either for your business or as an e-commerce site or a blog, etc. then it will be impossible to be successful without using some of the best SEO tools.

Search Engine Submission

Submitting your website to search engine or web directory can be one of the best strategies or tools to make your website more visible on the internet and to improve your brand awareness among the masses.

Before you proceed, it is important to know the difference between a search engine and a web directory as they are often mistakenly confused.

A search engine uses robots and crawlers or spiders to review submissions whereas a web directory uses human editors to review the submitted websites. Another common difference is that a search engine lists websites whereas a search engine lists web pages.

In this article, we are going to discuss some major pros and cons of search engine submission and web directory submission.

Web Directory Submission


Exposure to the Masses: The ranking of your site will be improved according to the search terms incorporated in the content of your site. This will help you to gain powerful and relevant links that are highly valued by search engines. And this will help you gaining recognition among the masses.

Link Dispersion: Web directory submission has been proved as an easy and quick way to create link dispersion over search engines without spending too much.

Brings Traffic: When you Add URL to Google, your web page gets indexed on the google search engine and made available to be shown in the search results. So you start to get traffic on the basis of the quality of optimization of your site.

Permanent Listing: Submission to web directories and search engines allows permanent listing of your websites and web pages on their servers. And it is believed by the majority of SEO experts that old links play a very important role in deciding the ranking of your site over the search engines and not only this, they also help to amplify the resale value of your website.

Automated Screenshots: High-quality web directories and search engines provide you with the screenshots of your website and web pages that can be used to offer referral visits to your site. It provides your website with a professional touch.


Along with so many advantages, there are a few disadvantages associated with search engine and directory submission:

Not Easy to Handle: To make your submission useful and advantageous you need great skills to optimize it according to the needs and norms and for that either you have to work hard to get into it or you have to bring some SEO expert in the picture. Because research shows that there’re many sites that are banned or penalized by the search engines.

Takes Time: It is not like today You Submit to Search Engine and overnight you get your site overloaded with traffic. It is a process that demands a lot of patience to get favourable results.

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If we conclude, the advantages of search engine submission and web directory submission are more than disadvantages. With a good strategy and planning, you can get a lot of quality traffic within a short period of time.